Failure is no Option

Why do we blame

When we set out to deal with error differently, we need to address the concept of psychological safety. As a leader, this involves creating an anxiety-free environment. The biggest hurdle in this endeavor is how to deal with the accusation.

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Managing errors - Part 4: Energy-Management

A safety culture in which the learning potential of error is widely recognized cannot be lived if managers fail to lead themselves. The personal reaction to errors that become known is the key to success. But how can this be achieved if you yourself are under stress?

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Managing errors - Part 2: The corporate lone wolf

It is in line with the management zeitgeist to see mistakes as learning opportunities. Why is it, one wonders, that so many people find it so difficult to put this noble approach into practice? There are two aspects to this that deserve special attention. In this blog, I address two main suspects.

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