Failure is no Option

The one-eyed state

At the end of June 22, the Federal Supreme Court acquits a Skyguide air traffic controller. The public prosecutor's office could not claim that he had endangered public safety. This is good news, not only for the controller, but also for all air travelers. However, it is doubtful whether the ruling will have a lasting effect on ensuring air traffic…

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Cooperation under pressure and stress

"Failure is no option" - This also applies to teams that have to work together under high pressure and stress. At Swiss Federal Railways / SBB, this is commonplace in the Traffic Control Centers (TCC). For this reason, SBB has been training its TCC-managers and employees since 2006 with an approach that I was allowed to develop for them using the…

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Aviation calls for Just Culture principles in Swiss law

AEROSUISSE, the umbrella federation of Swiss aerospace industry, has published a white paper outlining its concerns about the legal developments underway. It deals with legal framework conditions that are significant for the safety of passengers, patients and the environment. The paper was developed in close collaboration by and with affected…

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Miscommunication is no option

It is not only in times of a pandemic that the expectations of executives in terms of communication are high. In the safety-relevant environment, miscommunication is always highly problematic. It was great that four managers from the high-risk environment came together again last week and spent three days strengthening their communication skills. I…

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Failure is no option. In communication, too.

This week, more pilots and managers from Rega / Swiss Air Rescue Service Jet Operations Center strengthened their communication skills. Well done, because in their time-critical and high-risk working environment, miscommunication and interpersonal conflicts have serious consequences. Many thanks to the participants! Truly, a cool bunch! Read on…

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