Failure is no Option

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Failure is no option. In communication, too.

This week, more pilots and managers from Rega / Swiss Air Rescue Service Jet Operations Center strengthened their communication skills. Well done, because in their time-critical and high-risk working environment, miscommunication and interpersonal conflicts have serious consequences. Many thanks to the participants! Truly, a cool bunch! Read on…

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Sometimes stories teach us more than long theories. When it comes to leadership, the theories are especially long... Here is a story that can provide food for thought for leaders embedded in today's challenging settings.

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Performance assessment of people in complex systems

Is it useful if honest mistakes end up in the personnel file of the unhappy actors? This still widespread practice is one of the concrete obstacles to a living culture of trust. Mental barriers in the minds of managers are the blockers. Can we talk about it?


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Wrong eye operated

The health care system struggles with malpractice stories that come out in the open. They are unflattering stories, not only because they involve patient suffering, but because they are too often not used for learning. What's at the heart of it?

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