Advisor for safety, reliability and resilience

  • Are you sure that you are always using your limited safety resources in the right place?
  • Does your team of safety experts include sympathetic advisors who you can trust and who are able to explain the company's risk exposure to you in clear terms and a holistic manner?
  • Are the employees and managers in your organization able to speak openly about mistakes made at work? Do you strive for continuous improvement? Or does it make sense for your staff to remain silent when they made a mistake? After all, nobody likes to get into trouble.
  • Have you observed a certain degree of complacency and a creeping approach towards administration in your organization? The number of internal rules and regulations increases, while performance decreases.
  • Would your top management achieve more if they worked as a genuine team?
  • You and your team always manage to make it through a crisis. But you somehow feel that there must be a better way of doing things.
  • Do you often struggle with annoying and unnecessary interpersonal conflicts during a crisis? 

Benefit from my many years of experience

In my experience as a manager in high-risk environments, I have supported and advised companies on the introduction or continued development of their safety management systems, the establishment of a state-of-the-art safety culture, the introduction of process-oriented organizational systems as well as crisis management. I will use my many years of expertise as a manager and pilot to provide you with the assistance you need – My consultation is based on mandates from 'High Reliability Organizations' such as major flight and transport companies as well as IT and industrial companies.

Your safety is important to me

I provide both the system design and project support to integrate or further develop your safety management system. I attach great importance to integrating safety systems into management systems, which is why I pay close attention to all aspects relating to governance within the company when considering safety issues.

When dealing with highly complex systems, the safety culture has become an essential overarching discipline for 'High Reliability Organizations'. My consultancy approach is based on an honest 'Just Culture', a culture that recognizes mistakes as learning opportunities.

Place your trust in reliability

My consultancy approach focuses on organizational structure, corporate culture and leadership. Apart from compliance, where we have made significant progress and have now reached saturation point, these are regarded as the Big Three of reliability management.

  • I focus on output-based process organization and the principles of 'High Reliability Organizations', while incorporating methodological tools and overseeing organizational change and development processes as an advisor and coach.
  • In the area of corporate culture, my consulting approach aims to foster a culture of continuous improvement that attaches great importance to operational processes, and to manage these operational processes with a critical eye. A culture that is fair in terms of a JUST CULTURE. I work with organizational development methods and use tools for moderating large discussion groups.
  • As an advisor, I assist the management team in maintaining a high level of productive cooperation and developing a common understanding of leadership, while implementing specific management development measures to support individual managers in my role as trainer and coach. I rely on the strengths of the Process Communication Model® (PCM) and GemaSim® ( computer simulation tool.

Strengthen your resilience

The company must continue operating, even when dealing with serious incidents or crises. The same applies for the people working in the company, especially managers. My consultancy approach mainly focuses on mastering crisis management and coaching managers.