Failure is no Option

Patrouille Suisse: A guilty verdict out of time

On Dec. 22nd 2022, a Patrouille Suisse pilot was fined for clipping one of his colleagues during an approach maneuver in training in 2016. His aircraft was damaged to such an extent that he had to eject. His colleague was able to land his aircraft, which was also damaged, safely. The prosecutor charged the pilot with negligent misuse and…

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Mastering crises and emergencies

A company must be able to rely on having a crew that provides everything it needs to cope professionally with emergencies or crises. Daniel Schlup does that at Swiss Federal Railways SBB with a motivated team. When he asked himself how he could efficiently train the many emergency and crisis team leaders as well as all the employees in these teams,…

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Just Culture in Medicine

I am pleased to speak on the topic of Just Culture at the 5th National Radiation Safety Day. The event, organized by the Federal Office of Public Health, is dedicated to medical radiation events and patient safety.

With Just Culture, medicine is taking up a cultural approach that has become widely and regulatory established in aviation in recent…

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The one-eyed state

At the end of June 22, the Federal Supreme Court acquits a Skyguide air traffic controller. The public prosecutor's office could not claim that he had endangered public safety. This is good news, not only for the controller, but also for all air travelers. However, it is doubtful whether the ruling will have a lasting effect on ensuring air traffic…

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