Sparring with respect

Have you experienced any of the following too?

  • You are surprised by a sudden system failure and do not know exactly what caused it. 
  • There is no recognizable pattern to the incidents that occurred.
  • You should not find out about incidents of internal misconduct from the media.
  • You have a problem with certain departments and the culture that exists there.
  • Your organization does not learn enough from mistakes that are made.
  • The error rate of the services you provide is often unacceptable.
  • If something happens at your company, you will have a reputation problem.
  • Crisis management is not the same as normal management. As a crisis manager, you do not really feel comfortable.
  • Your organization did not evaluate the lessons learned from the last crisis in the most effective way possible.
  • Your managers no longer accept responsibility. They only do what they are told.
  • Everyone works in their own silo and ignores the bigger picture.
  • The management does not operate as a team or crew.

As a sparring partner, I can help you overcome all of these challenges. As your partner, I will always adopt a respectful approach because I know how demanding these challenges are and because I respect people and their capabilities. I regard the following values as essential:

  • Respect
  • Commitment / trustworthiness
  • Logic
  • Inspiration
  • Directness

Through joint sparring, I provide the perfect stimulus for reinforcing your safety management strategy, corporate culture, approach to crisis management and your management team so that you and your organization are safer, more reliable and can overcome a crisis more easily. Working alongside you as a change agent with depth, I will lead you to new insights and help you to implement them effectively every step of the way, from the knowledge phase to ultimate success.