A passion for safety

It all began during my military service. Studying economics was interesting, but not the right thing for me at the time. I wanted to learn something new and more exciting, so I soon became a pilot in the Air Force. For seven years, I primarily undertook instructive activities, helped with the introduction of new combat aircraft and developed tactical maneuvers. And this is exactly how I developed my current passion for this topic: Failure is not an option!

As a former airline captain and manager, I know that highly complex systems require an interdisciplinary approach in order to maintain organizational control of risks. Safety management systems, the safety culture and human aspects have to mesh seamlessly with one another, while the manager leadership type plays a decisive role.

My role as advisor, sparring partner and safety pilot for executives is fulfilled if:

  • the managers form a management team that has a common understanding of leadership,
  • they are able to successfully cooperate with one another – safety management is relationship management,
  • safety, security, compliance and crisis management experts and their systems are a natural component of holistic business management,
  • a safety culture (JUST CULTURE) based on honesty forms an integral part of the organization.

Place your trust in my expertise

Wyler Safety Consulting GmbH (since 2005)

  • Member of the JUST CULTURE.CH initiative
  • Member of the Swiss Cyber Think Tank
  • Mentor at the University of St. Gallen

Captain at SWISSAIR/ SWISS (1997-2014)

  • Program Manager of the SAir Group
  • Deputy Vice President of Cockpit Crews
  • Crisis Organization Manager

Swiss Air Force (1983-2000)

  • Flight Safety Officer Swiss Air Force
  • Chief of Staff at air regiment
  • Squadron Commander         
  • Member of Patrouille Suisse, aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force
  • Flight instructor

  • Restructuring of the Safety, Security and Compliance Organization for SWISS Intl. Airlines. Advisory mandate
  • Organizational and cultural implementation of the ‘Just Culture Regulation of the EU’ at SWISS Intl. Airlines for cockpit and cabin crews. Advisory mandate
  • Leadership training for captains at SWISS Intl. Airlines and the Swiss Air Rescue Service (Jet). Teaching mandates
  • Strategic work to improve the system availability of the IT unit at a large German insurance company
  • Crisis management training at industrial, travel, finance and insurance companies, automobile manufacturers and energy supply companies. Training mandates
  • Introduction of a 'Learning organization' at Swiss IT provider. Advisory mandate
  • Independent safety audit for executive jet operator. Advisory mandate
  • Development and introduction of 'Military Aviation Safety Management' at the Swiss Air Force. Advisory mandate
  • Safety training for the operational cadre of the Swiss Air Force. Advisory and teaching mandate
  • Training of team leaders and employees in Traffic Control Centers of the SBB Passenger Division (leadership and cooperation under pressure). Advisory and teaching mandate
  • Study of the effects of automation in the glass cockpit. SWISSAIR internal task force
  • Introduction to ‘Human Factor Training’ for SWISSAIR pilots (crew resource management). Line representative in the project
  • Due diligence at Volare Airlines. Operations team
  • Restructuring of the SWISSAIR Flight Operation Division. Advisory mandate

  • Certified Trainer, Process Communication Model (2017 – 2018)
    Kahler Communication Germany
  • Moderation of large discussion groups (2010 / 2013)
    Frischer Wind
  • Systematic problem resolution (2007)
  • Executive MBA HSG (1996 – 1998)
    University of St. Gallen
  • Open Negotiation according to the Harvard concept
    Egger, Philips & Partner
  • Curriculum 2 for management development (1992 – 1994)
    SAir Group
  • Airline pilot training (1983 – 1984)
    Swiss Aviation School
  • Pilot training (1975 – 1976)
    Swiss Air Force