Keeping risks under control with the safety pilot for executives

When business becomes demanding and safety threatens to be neglected, the engine will start to stutter and reliability will suffer as a result. Imagine that you are the captain of your company, sailing through rough seas or embarking on a special mission. You will then find yourself in the same position as an airline captain who has the task of displaying his aircraft in flight at an air show. Extraordinary. Extremely risky and demanding. The operational activities require the highest level of concentration to make the mission a success.

Wouldn't it be reassuring to have a safety pilot with you in the cockpit during this time, like we do in aviation, specifically for situations of this nature? Having someone on board to take care of special risks. Someone who is not involved in flying, but can calmly deal with any issues that arise to help the company navigate its way safely and reliably.

As a safety pilot, I can observe things from a distance, directing my attention to issues that are unobvious or difficult to identify and ensuring that an unturned stone does not become a stumbling block. As a person of trust, I can also review the management team and work together with your managers.