Miscommunication is no option

It is not only in times of a pandemic that the expectations of executives in terms of communication are high. In the safety-relevant environment, miscommunication is always highly problematic. It was great that four managers from the high-risk environment came together again last week and spent three days strengthening their communication skills. I wouldn't have minded if it had lasted longer, because the atmosphere and the learning environment were simply top-notch. Many thanks to the participants. This is what makes advanced training really fun!

In the High Reliability Organization, failure is no option. The same applies to communication. It is crucial that the players understand each other. Even small misunderstandings can have serious consequences. Not to mention interpersonal conflicts, which, as we all know, always start with miscommunication.

With the Process Communication ModelĀ®, the participants have strengthened their communication skills on the basis of a personality profile created for them. They are now able to respond to the individual preferences of their work colleagues in their environment and thus ensure communication without noise and background sounds. They now know which people will be challenging for them to communicate with. They can adjust to them and adapt their communication precisely. They know when and why they themselves become a communication challenge for others. They have acquired the tools to prevent communication from slipping into miscommunication. Thus strengthened, they are able to recognize conflicts as they arise and use their newly acquired skills to exert a de-escalating influence.

Communication is the means of shaping relationships with other people. After this training, participants will be able to make a valuable contribution to successful cooperation in their organizations. For a cooperation that leads to more efficiency and is more fun at the same time.