Failure is no option. In communication, too.

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This week, more pilots and managers from Rega / Swiss Air Rescue Service Jet Operations Center strengthened their communication skills. Well done, because in their time-critical and high-risk working environment, miscommunication and interpersonal conflicts have serious consequences. Many thanks to the participants! Truly, a cool bunch! Read on…

When asked how to ensure safety and reliability, many people first think of rigid processes, compliance, discipline, and highly qualified managers and employees. What is often overlooked are the serious negative effects of failed communication. For the containment of our complex systems and for them to be able to deliver their full performance safely and reliably, it is essential that the people involved work together as smoothly as possible. This stands and falls with the quality of communication. If, as in the case of Rega / Swiss Air Rescue Service, an enormously high degree of flexibility is also required, then successful communication becomes the ultimate success factor.

With the Process Communication Model®, the participants have strengthened their communication skills on the basis of a personality profile. They now know with which people communication will be challenging for them. They can adjust to these people and adapt their communication precisely. They know when and why they themselves become a communication challenge for others. They have acquired the tools to prevent communication from sliding into miscommunication. Strengthened in this way, they are able to recognize conflicts as they arise and use their newly acquired skills to exert a de-escalating influence.

The three days of training were both a challenge and a pleasure for me. I know that together we have made a further contribution to Rega’s safe and reliable flight operations. And I know that the participants, with their newly acquired skills, will also ensure successful cooperation in day-to-day operations. Win-win. What more could you want?