Occupational safety and health management takes a close look at its communications

I am pleased to be able to contribute to the 18th National Conference for Occupational Safety and Health Management as a speaker on the topic of communication. The goal of the conference is to provide participants with approaches, ideas and tools that they can use to optimize occupational safety and health management (OSH) communication in their companies. So that OSH not only receives more appreciation, but also that its offers are used more often. It helps if those responsible for OS&H in the company can help to prevent miscommunication. After all, "Failure is no option" also applies to communication.

Successfully establishing OSH in a company means cultural change. As an organizational developer and change agent, I know the importance of communication in such demanding change processes. After all, what the stormy developments of the last decades as a person with responsibility in aviation have taught me is that in this high-risk environment, the only constant is change.

In my remarks, I will focus on the importance of shaping the relationship of those responsible for OSH with the stakeholders in their environment. After all, for communication to succeed, it pays to start there. This is good news, because it shows that everyone can make a valuable contribution to better understanding in the company. How can we do that? Find out more on August 31 at the Kursaal in Bern.

I am looking forward to a lively exchange with the OSH specialists.

Further information on the OSH conference: www.bgm-tagung.ch/de/