Failure is no Option

Martin Wyler, advisor, sparring partner & safety pilot for executives, ensures safety, reliability and resilience in organizations

A plane crash, the breakdown of communication networks, danger to life due to incorrect medication - for the respective organization this is a 'worst case scenario'. But especially for 'High Reliability Organizations', from which the highest reliability is expected, failure must not be an option. "Do you want the services and products of your company to be continuously available? Then the three essential key factors also apply to you: safety, reliability and resilience," explains safety expert Martin Wyler.

Aviation, for example, is a highly complex system that is constantly confronted with competitive pressure, growth, change and high risk - and yet it has become the safest transport system. "Behind this success story are philosophies, concepts and methods that are applied in my consulting and my organizational and management development approach," says Wyler. With his many years of experience as a manager and airline captain, he encourages top management, executives and organizations, true to the credo: Failure is no option.

As an advisor, he provides support in crises and conflicts. His consulting approach focuses on leadership, organizational structure and corporate culture. "With my experience as a manager in a high-risk environment, I support and advise companies in the development of their safety management system, in establishing a state-of-the-art safety culture, in introducing process-oriented organizations and in managing crises," explains Wyler.

In a joint sparring session, he approaches his clients with respect, commitment and directness. As Wyler explains: "At your side, you experience me as a change agent with depth, who leads you to new insights and I accompany you until the ideas are implemented - from insight to impact.
As Safety Pilot for Executives, Martin Wyler takes care of the challenging risks 'on board'. "I will be part of your crew for a certain time. My job is to see what you miss in your dedicated mission fulfillment," Wyler concludes.