Management development

In a ‘High Reliability Organization’, good leadership is a linchpin for the reliable provision of services. It starts with the ability of the management team to maintain effective cooperation among all parties involved. I moderate processes for cultivating mutual trust in open and transparent settings. As a coach, I support management teams:

  • to help align their understanding of leadership
  • in addressing and resolving conflicts
  • in encouraging teamwork

In order to strengthen team building and constructive cooperation, I apply the methodology of the Process Communication Model® (PCM).

When it comes to developing individual managers, the approach I adopt always takes into consideration the fact that the concept of "leadership" is inextricably linked to the character of the manager. My work with managers focuses on self-management and aligning their inner compass. I also give future managers all the tools they need to manage more effectively within their specific area of responsibility.

When it comes to safety, reliability and resilience, a resource-based management style is always most promising. Communication skills and conflict-free teamwork, in particular when working under pressure and stress, deserve special attention. In all of these disciplines, I provide coaching and training specially tailored to the needs of customers.


On the one hand, coaching is designed to support and mentor managers who have to handle difficult life or work situations, such as personal crises, important change processes or problems within the organization for which they are responsible. On the other hand, I support management teams during important phases of personal development or with change processes. When coaching, I use valuable components of self-management and conflict management from the Process Communication Model® (PCM).

Leadership Training

Management in a high-risk environment places specific demands on managers. Safety, reliability and resilience are needed here, in particular. The most important content of my training courses includes cooperation under pressure and stress as well as human aspects. In addition to imparting specific leadership knowledge, I utilize the benefits of the GemaSim® computer simulation, whereby managers learn their skills independently in debriefings centered around the participants. Resource-oriented leadership, which has developed extensively in the world of aviation and has proven extremely successful, forms the basis of my leadership training course.

Communication training / Process Communication Model® (PCM)

The classic 'Crew Resource Management' is dedicated to improving teamwork as well as developing leadership and decision-making skills. PCM adds the missing link: communication. It connects the world of personality structures with the world of communication models. Ultimately, PCM is both a communication and personality model. PCM presents and provides simple, practical and easily applicable tools for structuring positive discussions as well as predicting and resolving distress behavior and conflicts. I am a certified trainer who offers open communication seminars and seminars for management teams with high demands.

Crisis management training

A crisis always places high demands on managers and crisis team members. Each of them is confronted with their stressful personal behavior and they are all asked to get along with one another to enable and guarantee both successful leadership and constructive cooperation. My training courses focus on mental work in the crisis team and explore in more depth the personal and interpersonal challenges encountered during a crisis. In terms of methodology, I use the computer simulation GemaSim®, which guarantees maximum appeal and an outstanding educational effect that is scientifically proven.

Human factor and team training

"Learning by doing" is the motto of my training course. Not dry theory work, but exciting tasks in a team. Training with the GemaSim® computer simulation helps participants to become familiar with their own personal behavioral patterns. A moderated reflection on work consolidates all newly acquired team skills. One recent participant gave their views: "Over the last 10 years, I have attended quite a few training courses and also had an opportunity to work on myself. No other course has had such an effect on me as this one."